About the Zoom@CERN Service

Zoom is now CERN official videoconference service.

The Zoom@CERN Service category aims at giving practical information about the Zoom service and answering rising questions.

Any CERN user is allowed to use the service. To start using the service, simply go to https://cern.zoom.us and Sign in. You will then automatically get a CERN license.

A licensed user can host virtual meetings with any non-licensed user.

Please give us feedback on your experience !

:information_source: Major service features:

  • 500 participants per meeting (extensible to 1000)
  • Cloud or local meeting recording (see also the recording post)
  • Indico integration to create and manage meetings and webinars (see also the dedicated post)
  • Integration with CERN meeting rooms (in the same way it was done for Vidyo: using a button in Indico)
  • Optional automated live transcription of meetings
  • A CERN call-in phone number: 73020 (in addition to the standard international Zoom numbers)
  • [coming soon] Easy webcast integration through Indico
  • A limited number of webinar licenses are also available (see also the webinar post)

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