Can I join a Zoom meeting from an H.323 room codec?

Yes, you can. The easiest is to use the room connection button upload_5c3679951791e4d40b33d331b2e4e59b that you will find on your Indico event if the Zoom meeting has been provisioned through Indico (coming very soon).

H.323 connections can also be made manually: Every Zoom meeting invitation contains a section to connect using the H.323 protocol (Join by H.323) which is supported by the equipment in CERN meeting rooms. If you don’t have an invitation, then dial either or

Dial one of the IP addresses mentioned in this section on the room video-conference device using the device remote, then enter the meeting ID (also mentioned in the invitation) followed by # . If required enter the Zoom meeting password.

When you are connected to the meeting, you press 1 on the remote to display settings.

To share the screen, ensure the computer you want to share the content of is connected to the room system, then use the remote to start the sharing…