CERN Zoom accounts following pattern

As part of moving towards SSO only authentication to access CERN Zoom account, Zoom email attribute is based on CernMailUpn as defined at SAML: what be in your tokens? from 14th December 2020 on.

In practical terms it means that all entitled users of CERN Video conference service, no matter their origin institute will have a Zoom account like [login]

This brings important advantages as we avoid issues of colleagues using the same account at CERN and a different institute and colliding with Zoom partnership limitation as they could just belong to one account.
It brings also an homogenous look and feel for all CERN Zoom accounts.

Nowadays, applications like Indico or CERN Zoom portal: allow to search for Name or Surname in order to match to [login] Zoom account, in the latter while searching for alternative hosts for example.

CERN account management interface can also be used to find the login of an account. Click on display another user:

Please if you are still using your work email to access CERN Zoom account we do recommend you to base your access on CERN SSO and to use [login], CERNMailUpn attribute, as Zoom identity as per OTG0060767.
Having an homogenous look and feel will ease the job of all of us while using CERN Video conference service.

Moreover, access based on CERN SSO will be the only method possible in the near future.