How to first login at Zoom@CERN

how to first login to ZOOM@CERN

This article tries to explain a bit further how you can login to Zoom, to complement the information on our FAQ.

Getting a link/invitation

You have two options:

  • Download the Zoom app client and start your video conference from there. This is kind of the recommended way by Zoom, as you get all features that Zoom provides.
  • WebRTC client Once you click a Zoom meeting link together with the option to open the app you will see on the browser a link: join from your browser (see image):

    You can have a look to which feature are supported depending on the browser at Zoom web client.

Using just a browser

Please have a quick look to previous bullet. So far best experience has been reported with Chrome/Chromium.

If you would like to start a meeting e.g. you can use: to do it from the browser.

If you would like to join a meeting e.g. use:

SSO login

Zoom@CERN has been configured with the new CERN Authorization service. In order to log in please check Log In with SSO. You should connect to

I had a Zoom account on my work email before Zoom@CERN

If you wish to use Zoom under Zoom@CERN Pilot, please log in with SSO. You will get an email from Zoom where you are asked to validate the change, similar to this one:

Just approve it.