Joining a meeting by codec (H.323/SIP)

When you join a meeting/webinar and the meeting has setting Mute participants upon entry any participant e.g. normal attendee, codec or phone will be muted while accessing the meeting. This is to avoid disturbances and it’s a highly recommended setting, especially the more attendees you have in your meeting/webinar.

This is how meetings are created at Indico. It means that when you held a meeting in a CERN room with a codec the codec will likely be muted. You have two options to unmuted:

  • If you are host, co-host you can ask the codec to unmute, it will do so after a few seconds.

It may take till 30 seconds if you dont proactively reply in some codec models, see picture:

  • If you are in the room you can point the remote to the codec and press: # + 1 and # + 2 to unmute, on most codec. Please see SIP/H.323 in-meeting menu.

Documentation sheet in the CERN Video conference rooms is being updated.
Thank you for your cooperation.