Meetings with more than 500 attendees

Zoom@CERN meetings are by default limited to 500 interactive attendees, please see the Zoom@CERN FAQ.

If you require more capacity, you can either

  • Request a meeting capacity extension to 1000 by sending a mail to explaining your use case
  • Setup a webcast of your Zoom event: a stream from your Zoom meeting to the CERN Webcast service can be setup. Please send us an email to and provide:
    • Indico event
    • Privacy level e.g. Atlas users, CERN users, public,…
    • Zoom meeting id.

:information_source: Recipe for webcasting your Zoom event:

  • On reception of your request, the service will configure the streaming part of the event and will notify you the URL where the webcast can be followed.

  • A test should then be done with the host of the Zoom meeting, so the last bit of the setup together with a verification can be made.

  • The meeting host should start the meeting and then start Live streaming:

  • You should see how the stream is being setup:

  • Once the setup is successful, your Zoom meeting is being transmitted and can be followed up at the URL specified to you. On the Zoom client you should see the Live red label on the top left.

  • Please notice that there is about 30 secs of delay between your Zoom meeting and the stream.

  • You can also record the meeting, just click record, please configure your app as indicated Can I record a Zoom meeting?:

  • Once you stop recording, you can select where to store the recording, locally:

  • Once you are done, please dont forget to stop it: