Transition from Vidyo to Zoom

The CERN Vidyo service will be shut off on 1st February 2021. It is thus fundamental that users migrate to Zoom before that date.

Transition to Zoom should be easy as we are providing the same integration with Indico as you had with Vidyo. So simply create a Zoom meeting in your Indico event and delete the previous Vidyo one. If necessary update the connection information that you may have already sent to your participants.

The main operational difference between Zoom and Vidyo is that in Zoom only one of your meetings can run at a time. If you try starting a second meeting that you created while one is already running, the first one will stop. In order to bypass this restriction, just assign the second meeting to another user when creating it.

Don’t hesitate to open a ticket to should you have any problem with this transition, we will do our best to support you.

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