Zoom: can host create parallel meetings?

Can I create 2 or more parallel zoom meetings ?
E.g. I create both, then I will attend one , while others would attend the other?
This was possible in the past with vidyo, it’s very handy because in this way the vidyo room was kind of persistent, and could have reused by others also if I had to do other meetings in parallel.

You cant host two simultaneous meeting and/or webinar in Zoom, please check the Zoom article: Can I Host Concurrent Meetings?.

Even using on one of the meeting the Alternative Host property, will not work. The system will ask you to end one to start the other, see image:

Checking further the documentation, you could eventually use Scheduling privilege, which is a way to create a meeting on behalf of someone else (belonging to cern.zoom.us account and therefore with a Licensed account).
So for your use case you could create the second meeting on behalf of the host that will chair it. The host needs to give you Scheduling privilege to your account.

Beware that if you grant scheduling privileges to someone, this person will see all your scheduled Zoom meetings in his or her own meeting list.